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sirona_records's Journal

25 October
External Services:
  • sirona_records@livejournal.com
★ Sirona-Records is an underground netlabel (from France), which was created to release all styles of electronic music from all over the world.

★ Active since 27 March 2011 [Send creations your really love not just something to be on this website. I listen all what is sending to me, but I've the right to not release it, so don't be chocked if that happens.]

★ Friendly Labels: Proc, 4m@, Kwark,Trashfuck, Top Of The Flops, Rainbowd. B, Kitty On Fire, Pavillon36, Section27, Microbit, , Diskette Etikette, 45Rpm, Dairyola, Happy Puppy, Seppuku+, Sp-Net, 8Ravens

★ If you want to send me your work, please:
-Send it completed, in a zip file (songs in the good order, artwork, etc).
-Tag correctly your tracks (artist & album name, etc).
-Mp3 in any bitrate (8 to 320 kbps) & any lenght (10 to 80 minutes).
-Don't send something which is already released in an another label.

★ Majority of the releases are in Creative Commons By-Nc-Sa but it can be By-Nc-Nd too (if the artist ask for). But remember that all music in this website will be ALWAYS FREE to download! Don't hesitate to speak about Sirona-Records to everyone who enjoy electronic music. Thx!

★ This netlabel is run by Arnaud Barbe, aka Pollux. You want to send a L.P / E.P / Single for Sirona-Records? Please send it to my mailbox or use the contact button (down of this website). I answer to all mail!